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Marty's Weekly Rides

We have lots of rides leaving from all three of our stores for all types of riders and levels. Our rides are good places to meet like minded individuals who enjoy riding with other people. All of our rides are friendly and we invite you to be part of our community.Helmets are required on all rides. On road rides please ride responsibly and share the road.  Rides are seasonal and the evening ones stop sometime in the fall. Check back for fall/winter rides.

All of our rides leave at the time posted. Please arrive with enough time to get ready to ride.

We would like all people riding to sign a waver for the year. The waver can be printed out here. You can also stop in the shop and get one.(when we are open)


Morristown Road Ride

This is the Monday night ride out of our Morristown Store at 6:00pm

The ride generally goes as long as we have the sun up. It will vary from 20 to 35+ miles. This year the Monday ride will be not be a super fast hammerfest ride. The Average speed of the ride will be about 17-18mph.  The routes are posted on the day of the ride on the Team Marty's Road Facebook page. 

Email with any questions.



Wednesday Road Ride Morristown

Wednesday Night Ride - Morristown Shop - 6:00pm sharp The Wednesday night ride is a faster ride with an average speed of 19-23mph depending on the time of year and the fitness of the group. Distance will start at 20 miles and progress to 40 miles as daylight permits.

Routes will be posted in Team Marty's Road Facebook page.

Email with any questions

Danny's Road Ride

Danny's A paced road ride.  It leaves a 6:00pm from the Hacketstown shop and goes about 30-35 miles. 


Lewis Morris MTB Ride - Beginners Welcome

Here is your chance to try mountain biking! Beginners ages 12 and up are welcome. Starts Wednesday April 20th 2016
Most up to date ride info at link below

We will try to be rolling at 6:00, so plan on arriving at around 5:45. We will be riding on the trails in Lewis Morris Park. Lewis Morris is not very rocky, but it is relatively hilly. The pace will be slow to medium, and we will not leave anyone behind.

Boris, the ride leader, will be going over some basic mountain biking skills at some of the rides.

You must wear a helmet on this ride, and you must have a mountain bike. If you do not have a mountain bike, call us and we can get you onto one of our rental mountain bikes. Water is also certainly recommended. Contact Boris, the ride leader at






Morristown Road Ride

20 Mile Road Ride leaving from Marty's of Morristown every Saturday at 8:00 am.

The group leaves together and breaks off into smaller groups as the ride goes on. The front group ends up averaging about 19-20. The secondary groups average from 15-17mph, depending on who shows up.

This is the route.

email with any questions.

Randolph Road Ride

This ride is a 22 mile road ride. Riders should be able to maintain about a 15-16 mph average pace. The ride will break into a fast and slower groups as necessary. Meet at the Randolph store to ride out at 8:00, and bring a couple dollars for a cup of coffee at Panera at the end of the ride. Call the Randolph location for more details, 973-584-7773.The route is here. You can email Tom Bopp with any questions.  This is a drop ride, but if you Email or introduce yourself to Tom he will give you some guidance. 
This is the route.

Morristown Sunday Road Ride

Mark's Sunday Morristown Ride - For Experienced Riders This is a 50-60 mile ride that leaves from the Morristown store. Start time is 7:30 and we are usually back in Morristown no later than 11:15. The route will vary each week and be posted on the Team Marty's Road facebook page. The ride will usually have about 3500-4000 feet of climbing and will average 17-18 mph. There will usually be a couple of climbs where we will re-group at the top. In addition there will usually be a longer flat/rolling section where the group may spread out, but we will always re-group at the end of that section. These climbs and faster sections will be spelled out when the route is posted, and discussed before the ride starts. We will always finish as a group. Any questions, please contact Mark at the Morristown store (973-538-7773 or

Morristown - Tom's Road Ride

8:00 a.m. Sundays
Road ride from our Morristown store. Ride is lead by Tom Bopp and is aimed at people who want a 45 mile ride at a 15-16 mph average. Ride will regroup after major climbs.

Great ride for people that are just getting into longer mileage rides. Friendly group.

Email Tom at with any questions.

Route will varry week to week


Hackettstown Sunday Road Ride
9:30am – 11:00am
Marty's Reliable Cycle of Hackettstown
Friendly 2 hour road ride leaving from the Marty's of Hackettstown every Sunday at 9:30. Please meet in front of the store at 9:20. Approximately 2 hours at a 15-17mph pace. Intermediate ride with some climbing. Call our Hackettstown store with any questions.
(908) 852-1650. email with questions.








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